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A night to remember. That was what BornNow 2019 was, not just for myself but for the folks at hlwrld as well. I’ve known Taro, the founder and mastermind behind hlwrld for sometime now and having had the opportunity to see his brand grow into what it is now is wild. What started in his quaint little neighborhood has evolved into a brand that stands for “seeing a new world” that seamlessly weaves street wear with surf/skate lifestyle fashion. But it just doesn’t end with fashion for Taro and hlwrld.

Over the years he has built a community spanning from Tokyo to Hawaii that makes you feel like you’re a part of the hlwrld community, the hlwrld family.  




Just that, the sense of belonging was what I felt returning to Tokyo and being welcomed by the hlwrld family in one of the best outdoor music festivals I have ever been to. Now let me tell you, BornNow is like no other festival out there. Seriously. It’s held at Zenkoji Temple in Shibuya. Yeah you read that right, a music festival in a temple!! I had never felt so torn about attending anything in my life. Temples are sacred places with visitors quietly visiting or saying their prayers. On the other hand, DJ events are WILD, high energy and definitely deafening. So this combination had me shook on another level but I was also very OK with it. The fact EVERYONE was respectful (regardless of the alcohol available) and mindful of each other is definitely something you only see in Japan. It was an unforgettable night.


BornNow had DJs and rappers from genres like EDM, techno, and hip-hop perform. So whatever you vibe with, BornNow was ready to please your ears. You could really feel everyone vibing to it. The whole event truly gave you the feeling of what hlwrld wants you to feel from its brand. It’s not just fashion brand, but also a brand that promotes a lifestyle that balances having wild and unforgettable nights with appreciation and respect for all. Who doesn’t want to get in on that?! Have you gotten your hlwrld merch?!


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